• Alass & Horass, the Yo' AssFace parents

    The parents, Alass & Horass.

    A very kissable ass

    Recognize this politician?

    Santa is on his way from North Pole

    How to use an Assmometer

  • The AssFace Test

    YOU are an AssFace if:

    1. You get really drunk and then decide a midnight surf would be awesome.
    2. You race your car through suburban streets.
    3. You think macaroni & cheese is a vegetable.
    4. You smoke crack.
    5. You were my old boss.
    6. You think smoking weed is the pinnacle of coolness.
    7. You piss all over the toilet seat at a party and don't bother cleaning up.
    8. You were elected to work for your constituents but you act corruptly.
    9. You exploit your position of authority at the expense of the people who put you there.
    10. You are in a position of trust and you betray that trust.
    11. You make a firm promise knowing you'll fail to keep it.
    12. You still have no clue what an AssFace is.
  • Alass (left) and Horass


    Yo' AssFace

    The Story of Horass & Alass

    Horass & Alass are actually entrepreneurs and take all the credit for coming up with the idea of Yo' Ass Face. Of course we all know that Yo' is urban slang for "Your".


    Spanish: Cara de culo (ass face) refers to an unattractive person especially when the person in question has a round face with protruding cheeks.

    Horass being amorass

    About Horass & Alass

    Alass, being the stylish lady that she is, is an Editor with a mASS circulation magazine called "Global fASShion"


    Horass is far more conservative and he works various ASSignments for a company called CompASS Risk ASSessments, an actuarial firm. He usually wears his brown cardigan to work, it's his favorite.

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